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Our Services.

Without speaking geek!


DiTec Solutions has a proud history of delivering exceptional services and products to our clients.
We have a genuine passion for what we do and take pride in keeping our clients happy. 

Hardware and
Software Sales

Managed IT Support

Backup and
Data Recovery



Antivirus and Malware Solutions


Hardware and Software Sales

Buying a home computer or even upgrading your existing one can be a daunting task, especially with never-ending jargon and constantly evolving technology. A badly informed decision can lead to months of frustration with little or no support. Let DiTec take the hassle out of your computer experience by tailoring a home package to suit your specific needs.

As a business owner, maintaining and improving your IT infrastructure is crucial. The wrong solution can make or break your company's work flow. The obvious solution isn't always the best long term fix and a wrong decision can severely impact on your productivity and profit.

DiTec believes communication is critical to the success of your IT infrastructure, and we will work with you to form a long term plan from the very beginning. Ongoing dialogue will allow us to help you make informed decisions and adapt your plan to your changing needs and objectives. It also provides us with the ability to accurately quote on work to be performed so you know what you pay for right from the very start.



Managed IT Support

A Managed IT Support agreement with DiTec will provide small to medium businesses with a cost effective and reliable IT solution. An ongoing managed IT service with DiTec provides full maintenance on a regular basis, it’s like having a full time IT engineer without the excessive costs. 

A managed service includes: 
* Full infrastructure audit 
* Performance monitoring 
* Infrastructure development and support 
* Over the phone technical support 
* Preventing IT problems before they occur 

Having a Managed IT Support service with DiTec Solutions is like having a full time IT engineer for minimal costs.


Managed IT

Backup and Data Recovery

Backing up your information is more important now than ever before. We can create, maintain and monitor a solution that identifies the key areas that need to be backed up on a regular basis. We can also assist in data recovery should a system failure occur.


Using specialised hardware and software we can conduct backups without disrupting your system availability, and restore data efficiently and quickly if needed. 


Common symptoms that your computer system may require professional data recovery services are: 
* Your computer is making clunking, clicking, knocking, whistling or grinding sounds 
* A burning smell is coming from your computer 
* Your computer is freezing or hanging 
* Your computer does not always start or restarts without you prompting it to 
* You have accidentally deleted files 
* You have accidentally formatted or reimaged your hard drive



Website Development

DiTec Solutions can create a website unique to your recreational or business environment. We take the time to listen and understand the needs of your business so that you get the most cost effective and professional solution for your website.


We can help you with setting up your domain name and web hosting, and will ensure that all required email accounts are setup and ready to use.



QuickBooks Support

We work with QuickBooks certified professionals to consult with you on your accounting software needs. When you are having issues moving within the software or just getting the software to work - we can help to get you moving again.

We can assist you with:

* Installations

* Setups & Configurations

* Local or Cloud based options

* Software Consultantacy



Antivirus and Malware Solutions

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Having a solid prevention solution minimises downtime and possible loss of data. Spam, viruses and malware are just some of the possible threats to your network today.

Working with WatchGuard - 'the top of the network security food chain' - we are able to maximize performance and security in an all-in-one appliance.

We can provide, install and support several leading hardware and software applications keeping you completely secure when checking your emails, banking or surfing the internet.



Networking Solutions

Whether it be for your home or business environment, you need the right networking solution. A correctly set up network will enable users to share internet access, files and digital multimedia among multiple computers and other internet-enabled devices. Wireless or wired, we can provide a secure and safe solution.


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